Leaf Pickup in Greater Hartford

Leaves Ready to be RakedOur lawn is covered with leaves. We don’t really want to rake, but it needs to be done. And it needs to be done in time for the leaf truck to come through and vacuum them all away.

Collection protocol varies by municipality. The three main techniques are sucking leaves off the curb with a giant vacuum, picking up bagged leaves at the curb, or letting residents drop off their leaves at the local transfer station.

Here are links to a few local towns that have information posted on their websites.

Avon: Collection is ongoing at the recycling center.

Bloomfield: Collection begins the week of November 1st and continues through December 3rd.

East Hartford: Collection is done via bags, and also vacuuming, which we were told begins November 8th. The Public Works Department told us that the official notice would be up on their website next week. According to the Transfer Station Regulations document, residents can also drop off their bagged leaves.

Farmington: Leaves are collected at the Tunxis Mead Compost Area at the end of Tunxis Mead Road.

Glastonbury: Leaves can be brought to the Transfer Station, with special hours on Sunday from October 17th to November 21st.

Hartford: Three collection options, with curbside vacuuming beginning the week of November 1st.

Manchester: Vacuum collection begins the week of November 8th, though residents also have the option of putting bagged leaves out with their trash or dropping them off at the landfill.

Newington: Collection begins on November 1st, though the days when the crew is in the area will depend on whether you live east or west of Willard Ave.

South Windsor: Collection via vacuum truck begins the week of November 1st, and residents also have the opportunity to drop leaves off at the town composting facility.

West Hartford: Curbside bag pickup begins the week of October 18th and continues through the week of December 24th.

Wethersfield: Collection begins the week of November 1st, though the collection week depends on your pickup area. Homeowners can also bring leaves to the Transfer Station.

Update 10/20/2010: Added link for the Hartford leaf collection schedule. Added more information about East Hartford (thanks Will & anonymous person who answered the phone at the Public Works Dept).

5 thoughts on “Leaf Pickup in Greater Hartford

  1. Not sure why – but people are starting to just rake their leaves to the curb in Hartford- but I don’t think it will be picked up for weeks at the earliest. Once it rains, it turns to mush. It also looks messy. Until there is a schedule published in Hartford, please bag your leaves.

  2. Michael – Hartford just released their schedule (see above). It looks like those curbside piles are going to be there until the week of November 8th for the West End!

    Will – Thanks for the tip, I just confirmed it with the East Hartford Department of Public Works and updated the post.

    Brooks – You get special Sunday hours at the Transfer Station, what more do you want?

  3. Yes – thanks. I just checked the site. Given the time frame, bagging now would be best until November. Managing leaves can be a little trickier in urban neigbhorhoods with lots of large trees and relatively small lots, as is typical in the West End. However, when its done with some attention to detail, it reflects very well on the homeowner/landlord and on the street in general. With a number of houses for sale, and the overall fragility of many markets, its important (if ones cares about such things) that prospective buyers see good practices.

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