Up and Down in Downtown Hartford

Here are a couple quick shots of current projects in Downtown Hartford.

Steel is rising from the ground at the Hartford Public Safety Complex on High Street. The plan has obviously changed since these pictures from June of 2009, but there is now visible progress in the building phase of the project.

Hartford Public Safety Complex - 10/18/2010

A couple blocks away at 1161 Main Street, it appears as though asbestos remediation may be complete at the “Butt Ugly Building.” We drove by the other day and all the windows were covered with plastic. Since the plastic is down now in some windows, and there is an asbestos truck on site, and David Panagore said they would be finishing remediation about now, we’ll just assume that’s where we stand. If remediation is in fact complete, then the actual demolition isn’t too far away.

Butt Ugly Building - 10/18/2010