Decorating for the Seasons

Ah, it’s the most wonderful time of the year! Well, at least according to the crazy Target lady and most other retailers.

Do you buy in to decorating your home for the seasons or holidays? Some of us pick and choose which seasons to dress up our homes, while others use any excuse they can get to display a new wreath, flag or some type of bric-a-brac to celebrate each passing holiday and season.

I enjoy looking at peoples’ exterior seasonal decorations. Everyone has different styles and often you’ll see clever creations. I find that we don’t do much exterior decorating at our house though. In the spring we’ll put some planters on our front and side porches that will last through the summer. Low maintenance, but offering some color and cheer. Nothing happens on the outside of our house during the fall because of our battle with the squirrels. No pumpkins, no ghosts, nothing. Bah-humbug!

The winter/Christmas season seems to be the time when people go through the most effort to showcase the exterior of their homes. We spend a lot of effort decorating the inside of our home, but for the outside go with two simple wreaths that stay up until at least April. Not because they’re seasonally appropriate, but because we’re lazy.

Many of our neighbors, and maybe yours, or even you (!) tend to go all Clark Griswold on their places. Driving around residential areas in the evenings is always a fun activity. Who has the inflatable winter wonderlands? Who goes for twinkly lights only? Our daughter, who is two, really enjoys this and exclaims “Christmas!” every time she sees lights.

Do you put a lot of effort into seasonally decorating the exterior of your home? Why do you do so? Because you enjoy it? Family tradition? Keeping up with the Joneses?

NOTE: The house pictured above is one of my very favorites in the West End of Hartford. The owner of this home does a remarkable job every season. Everything they do is tasteful and visually interesting. If you get a chance, do a drive through some evening and see if you can find it. It also looks very nice during the day. 🙂