Donuts of Greater Hartford

Tastease Donuts in HartfordWhat do donuts have to do with real estate? That’s easy, they increase our quality of life by making us happy. This picture of donuts makes you smile, right? So, when house hunting it’s very important to make sure that top-of-the-line donuts are readily available near your potential new home.

A number of local bakeries make delicious donuts, so residents of Greater Hartford are in good shape. Three of my favorite shops are Tastease on New Park Avenue in Hartford, Elmwood Pastry Shop on New Britain Avenue in West Hartford and Michael’s Bakery on Main Street in East Hartford.

Both Elmwood Pastry Shop and Michael’s Bakery are traditional places that make a lot of different pastries and do them all well. You really can’t go wrong no matter what you get. Tastease, on the other hand, has created a unique niche with fun and colorful mini donuts. You really should try them all.

There are a couple more local donut establishments that I still need to visit. There is a shop in the Buckland Hills Mall called the Mini-Donut Factory that appears to be a small local/regional chain with a similar product as Tastease. And there is the One Bite Cafe in Simsbury that includes donuts among their various treats.

What does everyone think of these places? Are there others that I need to “research” in more detail?