Going to the Dogs

I am a dog person. I love dogs. I have a dog of my own. She is great.

But not everyone loves dogs. In fact, some people don’t like dogs at all. Who can blame them really? Sometimes dogs are smelly. They drool. They shed. And sometimes they bark. In fact, they may bark a lot.

Which is exactly what this dog did when I went to show a house today. It barked at me as I pulled up. It barked at me and my clients as we exited our cars. It barked at us while I retrieved the house key from the lock box. It barked at us while I fiddled with the lock and opened the front door.

It barked and barked and barked. The dog’s owner, who was the next door neighbor, came outside to try and quiet the dog. But it kept barking. And wagging its tail. The dog was clearly friendly. Just excited. And So. Darn. Loud.

These buyers aren’t really dog people and the barking understandably bothered them. Thankfully they ended up not liking the interior of the house because it would have been a very hard sell otherwise, given the dog.

I wonder if the seller knows that the neighbor’s dog barks at buyers when they visit the house. I wonder if they know the tone it’s setting before a person even enters their house.

I wonder if this dog knows I’m gossiping about it on the Interwebs…