Drain the Spigots

Outdoor Water SpigotAre you done using water outside your home for the season?

If so, then it’s time to turn off and drain the supply line to the outdoor spigots. It’s a quick task and could help you avoid a serious headache once it really starts to get cold at night.

The alternative is risking frozen pipes. And nobody likes frozen pipes. They make a really big mess, sort of like this. Or maybe you’ll get lucky and only have mold growing in your walls and basement. Yuck.

Just take the five minutes and shut off the water to the hose bibs outside. Please.



2 thoughts on “Drain the Spigots”

  1. That’s great – I didn’t know there were spigots like that – thanks for pointing it out, Christian. That one was added for future gardening projects, so I’ll probably keep it shut down until springtime just to be safe. But it’s nice to know I don’t absolutely have to…

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