Who Are You?

2013-10-19 Alpaca - 350Just an FYI to those who give fake information to the real estate websites – when you actually request more information there is no way for the agent (me) to get it to you. I understand not wanting to give out your deets, but you have to realize that there are consequences.

The other day I got an inquiry via the Hartford Courant HomeFinder site about one of our listings. Brandon was interested in learning more about the property, and potentially setting up a tour of the home. Great! We love to answer questions, and as the listing agent for the home we are the best source of information.

Unfortunately, the email address that Brandon provided didn’t work – Yahoo bounced my message back immediately saying that the account did not exist. There was a phone number in the HomeFinder inquiry too, so I called, hoping to connect with Brandon that way. No luck, the voicemail at the other end of the line “had not been set up.” There is no way to know if the number is actually Brandon’s or just 10 random digits he selected to satisfy the site’s registration requirements.

This sort of thing happens all the time. People express interest in properties but don’t provide any way for us to actually get in touch with them. Sad times all around, since on their end they’re probably thinking that we’re unresponsive idiots for not reaching out to them…

Brandon, if you’re out there, please feel free to call Kyle at 860-655-2922 for more info on that property!