I’ve Got a Guy

Painter“Do you have an electrician that you can recommend? How about a plumber? Floor refinisher? Painter? Kitchen designer? Landscaper?”

A peppering of questions came from a buyer client this past weekend. They’re looking to buy a place that needs some work and feel somewhat overwhelmed by the number of contractors they need to find and hire.

Well, let me tell you, I’ve got a guy. In fact, I’ve got a lot of guys. They live in a spreadsheet on my computer, organized nicely by category, with little notes I’ve made about each of them. Who’s responsive, who’s reasonable, who’s nice and who’s gruff. Sometimes guys get added to the list and sometimes they get taken off the list. Sometimes they get reprioritized. Sometimes, imagine this, they’re girls!

If you’d like to be on my “I’ve Got a Guy” list, you need to have your act together. You need to do good work, be reasonable and responsive, and care about your clients as much as I care about mine.

I’ve got a guy for just about everything, so if you need someone, just ask and I’m happy to pass along their information. And if you’re a guy, or girl, that would like to be added to my “I’ve Got a Guy” list, let’s chat about how you could help my clients. I’m always looking for good contacts.