House as Art

Hartford has a nice selection of residences that were built with a level of care, and attention to detail, that makes them works of art. Some were special from the day they were built, others because of who built them, and still others because they survive as one of the few examples of an era.

It’s rare for a private citizen to be able to own a home that is a work of art, yet they are for sale every now and then. Yesterday I hosted an open house at one such property, and couldn’t resist pulling out my camera to photograph some of the details.


Immediately inside the front door is a gracious entry brought to life by a beautiful staircase. The level of craftsmanship is amazingly high, and the condition remains excellent 98 years later.

The fireplace mantle and surround of this home is also quite impressive. It’s difficult to understand the scale from the photo, but the mantle is probably 8 feet wide. The owners use the fireplace regularly when they entertain, and guests always gravitate towards it


The stairs and the fireplace are just the beginning of this home, which is 160 Kenyon Street in Hartford. Every room has its own impressive details. If you’re interested in living inside a work of art, then this is your opportunity.

Those that would be satisfied with a visit will need to wait for the owners’ next party. In the meantime, check out one of Hartford’s other beautiful homes that have been converted to museums: Mark Twain House, Austin House, Harriot Beecher Stowe House, Butler-McCook House, Isham-Terry House, Amos Bull House, or others that I’m sure I’m forgetting.