June Contracts: Welcome to Summer

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in June 2019

Hartford County finished June with 958 single-family contracts, slightly behind last June. The first half of the year overall finished slightly ahead of the first half of 2018 despite the June result.

You’ll notice in the chart above that there was a July bump in 2017 but not in 2018. Summer markets can be unpredictable, but they are generally an active time of the year as buyers continue looking for homes. We’ll see how this summer pans out for the market, and we’re ready to help people considering a move.

I spent some time looking at the table of towns below to see if I could figure out any patterns in why some towns were significantly up on a year-over-year basis while other towns are down. There is not a big-picture pattern that I can see. No urban versus suburban, no geographical hot spots, the data looks pretty random.

Look at it this way, how much do East Granby, Marlborough, and Rocky Hill have in common? Those three towns are doing very well this year compared to 2018, but they each have their own community feel, strengths, and housing stock characteristics.

Inventory of available homes remains on the low end for the County, and more diverse at the town level. Windsor Locks is at the extreme of this metric with only 1.2 months of inventory available. That’s a town where there would likely be more deals so far this year if there were more homes available.

Check out the chart below to see what’s happening in your town, and call with any questions. Enjoy the summer everyone!

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in June 2019 by Town