Home Equity Lines – They're Alive!

Who says there is no money out there to borrow against home equity? After doing a little business with Bank of America in downtown Hartford the other day I was surprised to see a big sign in their lobby announcing Home Equity Lines with rates of 4.24% for $50,000 and $100,000 lines. The gentleman at the info desk assured me that not only was it still possible to get a home equity line, but that

Registering Home Alarms

Most towns require homeowners to get permits for their alarm systems. Unfortunately, this is not a widely publicized fact and many homeowners learn the hard way. The City of Hartford, as an example, requires that alarms be registered annually. There is a $15 registration fee. The process is not difficult, homeowners simply need to fill out a one page form and mail it to the Department of Emergency Services & Telecommunications. All of the information

National Real Estate Stories

It’s been a big day for real estate in the national news. The Wall Street Journal had three articles that caught my eye. And then Case-Shiller data was also announced this morning. First was the front page piece titled Price Cuts Spur Home Sales. December existing home sales data was released on Monday. The market had expected another month-over-month decrease after November’s 9.4% drop in the number of transactions. However, the December report showed a

The Spot Eatery – West Hartford

Tucked into the southeast corner of West Hartford is The Spot, a hard-working burger joint that Amy and I recently visited. Each meal is one part American Classic (burger, dog and fries) and one part creative madness. The men behind the counter have devised a vast menu of flavorful combinations to transform the humble burger into works of art. Our meal included a G-Moli (guacamole & bacon) Burger, a Buffalo Bacon Cheese Burger, an order

Condo Association Boards at Their Dysfunctional Best

Upon returning from vacation, Amy and I discovered that we had a letter from the Board of our Condo Association. I assumed it must be the materials for the annual meeting, but inside was a far greater treasure – an invitation to a Special Meeting of the Board called through homeowner petition! The last meeting I attended resulted in a two-part blog extravaganza (part 1, part 2), so the conflict implicit in the Special Meeting