Negative Feedback Loop – Mortgages vs Investments

The financial markets are in a difficult place right now, and the Federal government is working on a plan to intervene and hopefully stop the bleeding. Rather than trying to figure out who’s to blame, or speculating on what might happen next, I’d like to try to illustrate the negative feedback loop currently in place. Some observations: 1. Mortgage-backed securities are valued using computer models with numerous assumptions. The historical data used to generate the

I'm Thinking About Looking for a Tenant…

In today’s “difficult” market, sellers often consider renting their home if their property does not sell shortly after being listed. We’ve worked with a number of folks that have asked about, and even tried, the rental option, with a wide range of results. Each time the topic comes up we evaluate the unique factors in the situation rather than giving a standard one-size-fits-all answer. Sellers initially consider the rental option because they want to get

Hartford's Asylum Hill – An Auto-Free Option

The Asylum Hill neighborhood doesn’t get as much attention as some other areas in Hartford. For those not familiar with the city, Asylum Hill is a Hershey Kiss shaped neighborhood bounded by the streets of Sargeant on the north, Woodland to the west and I84 to the east and south. Having riden the bus down either Farmington Avenue or Asylum Avenue nearly every day over the past four years, I’ve gradually realized that Asylum Hill

West End Sidewalk Update

This morning I visited the Hartford Department of Public Works to get the latest on the city’s sidewalk review. The bottom line is that a new round of sidewalk notices are on the way. We’ll start with a quiz – can you spot the violation in this section of sidewalk? As a quick recap, Hartford homeowners are responsible for maintaining the sidewalks on their property. The city is responsible for ensuring that homeowners maintain their sidewalks

Cheesecake Statistics

One of the main things that Amy and I are trying to do with this blog is to emphasize the importance of looking at data. We like to look at median prices and inventory levels to see how the overall market is doing. When working with buyers and sellers, we look at price per square foot and comparable sales to figure out how much a specific property is worth. Being statistically inclined, we sometimes get