Q&A: Homeowner's Insurance Basics

Today we’re talking about homeowner’s insurance with Victoria Mendyka of Liberty Mutual. In particular, we’re interested in learning more about how to evaluate insurance policies to make sure the coverage is appropriate for our individual properties. Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog (GHREB): Most people don’t know a lot about homeowner’s insurance. They know that they need to have it, and that it is supposed to protect them if something bad happens at their home. Let’s

Nice Chimney!

Home inspectors almost always find something wrong with chimneys. They’re just not a part of the home that owners think about on a regular basis, so routine maintenance is often ignored. Sometimes they simply need to be cleaned, other times the outside needs repointing, and on occasion there are major structural issues. So when representing buyers, we’ll always sneak a quick peek at the outside of the chimney to see if it might lead to

Adventures in Recycling

This past Saturday’s electronics recycling event in West Hartford was a big hit. Traffic was at a virtual standstill for blocks around the Public Works facility off Oakwood Ave, where the Connecticut Resources Recovery Authority (CRRA) set up their collection point. People waited for over an hour to get rid of their old tvs, computers, dvd players, and all sorts of other random junk. I made the mistake of trying to sneak in just before


I recently received this message, and wanted to share it in hopes of preventing similar situations in the future.   Dear GHREB, Like you, I am a real estate agent working in the communities of Greater Hartford. I recently had an experience that has left me sad and upset, and wanted to get your take on the situation. Over the summer I sold the home of someone that I have known for many years in

Homebuyer Tax Credit Update

The Senate has overwhelmingly passed an extension to the hotly debated homebuyer tax credit. The updated version of the program has larger scope and is more generous than its predecessors. Note that the extension is not official until it is also passed by the House and signed by President Obama. The new program offers people that have lived in their home for 5 years or more (move-up buyers) a $6,500 credit. It also increases the