Metro Hartford Growth Projections

Major news outlets periodically publish housing data for US metro areas. This week’s version was reported by CNNMoney and is originally from Fiserv Lending Solutions. It’s a forecast of growth from April 2007 to April 2008 and a couple snapshot statistics. Although I’m not familiar with Fiserv, the forecasts are in line with others that I have seen since the beginning of the year. There are two interesting points about our area in this report

Chicken Little…

No Chicken Little, the sky is NOT falling… Home Prices Fall Nationwide, home prices are expected to drop 0.7% and the national media is all riled up. That’s what happens to asset values. They go up, then they go down, then they go up again. Just like stocks. Just like mutual funds. Over the long term any asset will appreciate if it is valuable (and well maintained in the case of a house). Prices don’t

Affordable Housing in CT

Last week I talked about property taxes in West Hartford making housing unaffordable for some folks. This week it seems that we might want to look at affordable housing in CT in general. The Courant ran an interesting article a few days ago… A Home They Can Buy… Here’s a link to the official HOMEConnecticut site if you’d like to learn more… HOMEConnecticut Personally, when I moved here 3 years ago, I was surprised at


Most real estate agents I know HATE Zillow. Most consumers I know LOVE Zillow. Why the disconnect? I believe agents dislike Zillow for 3 main reasons. · Agents are afraid that consumers will gain access to information that previously only agents could access. Asymmetry of information pushed clients to agents because it was difficult to understand how houses were priced and how the real estate market worked. · Agents are afraid of what Zillow could