Nice Chimney!

Home inspectors almost always find something wrong with chimneys. They’re just not a part of the home that owners think about on a regular basis, so routine maintenance is often ignored. Sometimes they simply need to be cleaned, other times the outside needs repointing, and on occasion there are major structural issues. So when representing buyers, we’ll always sneak a quick peek at the outside of the chimney to see if it might lead to

Inspector Shortage?

When a buyer purchases a home, they have the right to have certain inspections performed within a specified timeframe after the contract is signed. In our market, the window to have inspections conducted is typically anywhere from 7-14 days. Buyers want their right to understand any issues with the house and sellers want the review conducted as soon as possible so that they know the contract is continuing forward towards closing. Often my buyers look

Planning Ahead for Outdoor Projects

Although the frequent snow and ice storms may suggest otherwise, spring will be here soon enough and bring with it the outdoor construction and renovation season. Towns in the Greater Hartford area and the State of Connecticut have a number of ordinances in place that homeowners need to be aware of as they plan this year’s projects. Whether you’re a weekend warrior or planning to hire a crew, make sure that you comply with any

Radon Testing My Home

Whenever my clients have a home inspection performed, I always recommend that they also have a radon test performed. Radon is an odorless and tasteless gas that is released when uranium decays in soil and rocks. It is just about everywhere, at varying concentration levels. It can enter a home through cracks in the walls and floor of your foundation and collect indoors. It can also be released by building materials or well water. If

Pretty Houses Still Need Home Inspections

This morning I went to preview a house for a client. It was a “pretty house” that had recently been flipped. Just about everything had been redone; new kitchen, baths, paint, windows, everything. It was even staged very nicely, straight out of Better Homes and Gardens. I can see a buyer walking into this house and being very impressed. It would be easy for a person to envision themselves living there, and not having to