Green Fuses

Green Fuses

These are fuses for the electrical system of a house. Most homes that you see these days have been updated to circuit breakers, so finding fuse boxes becomes less common each year. It’s okay to want to buy a house that has fuses, but you should plan for them to be upgraded. Perhaps you’ll be able to convince the seller to deal with them before the closing. That’s unfortunately not always possible though, so just

Inspecting the Laundry Area

Home inspection after home inspection reveals a few common problems with laundry areas. They’re not big problems, meaning that buyers usually don’t ask the seller to do anything about the issues, but a couple key things are flagged with surprising frequency. 1. Your washer should connect to the hot and cold water supply using steel braided hoses. The rubber hoses that are commonly observed are vulnerable to weakening over time and can potentially rupture. 2.

Real Estate Bargains: Getting the Best Buy Possible

Yesterday we highlighted four common myths that sometimes lead buyers to believe they’re getting a better deal than they really are. Today we’re sharing some thoughts about finding true real estate bargains. Let’s just get this first point out of the way early. If you’re looking for a ridiculous value – a complete steal – then a real estate agent probably isn’t going to find it for you. You need to start pounding the pavement

Nice Chimney!

Home inspectors almost always find something wrong with chimneys. They’re just not a part of the home that owners think about on a regular basis, so routine maintenance is often ignored. Sometimes they simply need to be cleaned, other times the outside needs repointing, and on occasion there are major structural issues. So when representing buyers, we’ll always sneak a quick peek at the outside of the chimney to see if it might lead to

Inspector Shortage?

When a buyer purchases a home, they have the right to have certain inspections performed within a specified timeframe after the contract is signed. In our market, the window to have inspections conducted is typically anywhere from 7-14 days. Buyers want their right to understand any issues with the house and sellers want the review conducted as soon as possible so that they know the contract is continuing forward towards closing. Often my buyers look