Would You Sue Your Buyer's Agent?

There is an interesting article in the New York Times today about a buyer in California that is suing her buyer’s agent. Marty Ummel believes that her real estate agent hid information that similar homes in a neighborhood were selling for less, in order to keep a deal together and retain his commission. There are a lot of things at play here; the real estate agent was also the mortgage broker (which to me seems

Shrinking Cities

New England’s “Rising Star” has several initiatives underway to promote economic growth and increase home ownership. I’ll be writing about some of these projects and programs in future posts. In the meantime, I came across an interesting article on the Wall Street Journal Online that talks about a very different strategy, purposely planning to shrink a city. According to the article, Youngstown, Ohio has seen its population decline by 60% over the last fifty years.

Teaming with Our Sister States?

I’ve written about the lack of affordable of housing in CT before. Add to this a few of my other pet peeves, suburban sprawl (yes, I know it is counter-intuitive for a REALTOR to dislike sprawl) and youth drain, and we’ve got the potential for long term economic hardship not only in CT, but all of New England. Clearly, on a town by town basis, we can start business development and real estate development projects

Sinking Homes…

I often hear West Hartford residents complaining about their wet cellars. Just be glad you don’t live on reclaimed land. Boston is going to have quite an issue on their hands… Sinking Houses in Boston