1 Foreclosure, 2 Foreclosure, 3 Foreclosure, 4…

This past Sunday there were 36 foreclosures advertised in the Hartford Courant. A few months ago there would only be one page of foreclosures advertised. Now we’re up to 3-4 pages of foreclosures every Sunday. This week, one of them was on my block in the West End. The sign went up on the lawn 2 weeks ago. After it was listed in the Courant, I had 3 people call me to ask how they

Vacant House? Let Your Insurance Agent Know…

This morning I was speaking with a friend that’s an insurance broker. We were talking about homeowner policies for a buyer that I’m currently working with. I mentioned something about a vacant house and the broker cautioned me that a homeowner should always contact their insurance provider if their house is going to become vacant, as their coverage may no longer be effective. I had never heard of this, and after polling several agents in

Dueling with Dual Agency

I often hear agents talk about how they are representing both the buyer and the seller in a transaction. This concept is called single-agent Dual Agency and it is legal in the state of Connecticut. I do not agree with this practice and believe that it is not in the best interest of either the buyer or the seller to work with the same agent during a transaction. When you have a Real Estate agent

Can't Sell? Become a Landlord

With higher levels of inventory on the market, it’s inevitable that some homeowners simply won’t be able to find buyers for their homes. A viable and increasingly popular alternative is renting your home, or offering a lease-to-purchase option. This will allow you to cover your current mortgage payment and purchase your next home if you must move (due to job relocation, etc.). Being a landlord isn’t for everyone. Here’s an excellent article from CNN Money

Giving Away Equity. How Much is Too Much?

A few weeks ago I was walking around my neighborhood in the West End of Hartford and saw a couple moving into a house. I welcomed them to the block and during our conversation they mentioned that they bought the house in a private sale. This is not uncommon for the West End. People fall in love with the architecture of certain homes and tell the owners that when they’re ready to move to give