Farmington Valley Real Estate Report

Here are some real estate statistics for Single Family Homes for sale in the Farmington Valley, as of today… As a buyer or seller, this data should help you understand if you have a lot or a little competition in your price range. Average days on market for Avon, as of today, is 57 days. Average days on market for Canton, as of today, is 122 days. Average days on market for Farmington, as of

West Hartford Real Estate Market Report

Interested in selling or buying a house or condo in West Hartford? Here is the latest market data as of today… Average Days on Market for a single family home in West Hartford is 61 days, as of today. If you’re a seller in the price range of $351K-$400K, you don’t have much competition. If you’re a buyer in this price range, be ready to see houses as soon as they come on the market.

The Thrill of the Chase?

When the real estate market slows and inventory grows, setting the listing price of a home becomes critically important. “Chasing the market” is a situation no homeowner wants to be in, but many set themselves up for this everyday. Think about it. People hire real estate agents to help them price, market, and sell their homes. Why is it that so many homeowners disregard their agent’s pricing advice, which is based on hard sales data,

Greater Hartford Housing Inventories Continued…

I recently received a few off-line comments about my recent post regarding real estate inventory levels in the Greater Hartford area. Remember, real estate inventory for a specific town is calculated by taking the current number of homes on the market in that town and dividing it by the number of closings during the previous month in that town, or some derivation thereof. In my calculation, I used February of 2008 to get the resulting

Fabulous Friday Finds- More MLS Photos

Great news this week for home sellers and buyers in the Greater Hartford area. The CTMLS (the database most Connecticut real estate agents use to share information about your home) has increased the photo allowance from 10 to 20 pictures for each listing! So, when you’re surfing or or whatever website you use to look at homes for sale, now you should be able view more pictures. Obviously this puts more pressure on