Inventory's Up. How Do You Differentiate?

The Greater Hartford Association of Realtors recently released their statistics for July. For the year (and July), the number of listings is up and closed sales are down. Add to that the shrinking number of available buyers due to the mortgage industry troubles. So, to put your home sale in business terms, you now have more competition and fewer buyers. Time to differentiate! 1. Most importantly, price your house right. Be sure the agent listing

Doh! You Missed Out on a Great House…

If you are thinking about buying a house any time soon, please keep “speed” in mind. No, I am not talking about drugs. By “speed” I mean your ability to react quickly if you happen to come across the house of your dreams. Here are two perfect scenarios where you will almost always lose out: 1. You have a house to sell that is not yet on the market, and you can’t afford to carry

Great Idea! Let's Commit Mortgage Fraud!

I had an agent, “Pat,” contact me this week about one of my listings. Pat’s clients were interested in the house and considering putting in an offer. Pat proceed to ask me how “creative” my clients were. Being left-handed, I’m always open to creativity, so I asked for an explanation of what they had in mind. Pat gave me some details about how the contract would be structured and then mentioned that the buyers would

What's All This Junk?

So you get to the final walk-through and the house isn’t in broom clean condition. This is actually more common than you would think. Sometimes sellers purposely leave belongings behind, sometimes it’s just a mistake. With my personal residence, we did the final walk-through and everything appeared to be removed. Two weeks later we were investigating the dark corners of the attic and found a sad dresser that had been collecting dust for many, many