What's All This Junk?

So you get to the final walk-through and the house isn’t in broom clean condition. This is actually more common than you would think. Sometimes sellers purposely leave belongings behind, sometimes it’s just a mistake. With my personal residence, we did the final walk-through and everything appeared to be removed. Two weeks later we were investigating the dark corners of the attic and found a sad dresser that had been collecting dust for many, many years. We bought the house from a relocation company and they didn’t want anything to do with it. The dresser remains in the dark corner today.

Here’s an interesting article from the New York Times real estate section that discusses what renters and sellers leave behind. Sometimes you can apparently luck out with a flat screen tv and a bottle of wine! Good luck!

How Much Do You Love Your Neighborhood?

I live in the West End of Hartford and really love my neighborhood. The houses are charming, unique, and have great history behind them. We can walk to excellent restaurants and downtown Hartford is just a short bike or bus ride away. The roses at Elizabeth Park are about to bloom and free evening concerts will be starting in June. There are so many reasons that I love where I live.

There is one group of neighbors though, that really celebrates their block and have a strong sense of community. The first block of Kenyon Street created a website that outlines the history of their block and all of the fantastic activities that they participate in throughout the year. It’s a unique occurrence these days to see neighbors so involved with each other, and I think they should be commended.

How do you go about building a sense of community in your neighborhood?

Asylum Hill Spring Walking Tour and Open House

If you love the historic architecture in Hartford, there is a great event for you to attend this weekend in the Asylum Hill district. The Hartford Preservation Alliance is hosting a guided walking tour through the Ashley Street historic neighborhood on Saturday May 19, starting at 12:00pm. On Sunday May 20, from 12:00pm-3:00pm, there will be an open house tour of vintage Victorian homes and gardens in the same area. You can also enjoy local cuisine and performances by the Hartford Children’s Theatre as they portray Victorian children from the 19th century.

Tickets are $10 for each day or $15 for both days. The events will happen rain or shine and the meeting spot will be Veeder Place at 20 Sargeant Street in Hartford. You can get more info by calling (860) 570-0331 or emailing info@hartfordpreservation.org.