Huh? Local Condo Sales Down, But Prices are Up?

There was an interesting article published in the Hartford Business Journal yesterday regarding local condo sales. For the first six months of this year, condo sales are off by more than 16% in Hartford County compared to 2006. However, the median price is up 1.5% over 2006. Huh? With more inventory sitting out there longer, why aren’t buyers paying less? My guess is that we are talking median sales price vs. mean sales price. I

My L.L. Bean Experience

This weekend I ventured East of the River to check out the new L.L. Bean in South Windsor. Yes, I know I’m a few weeks behind the grand opening, but I’m not a fan of crushing crowds and I needed a respite from the sweltering heat on Saturday. Any who, these are my observations about the store… 1. If you’ve been to the one-and-only true L.L. Bean in Freeport, Maine- brace yourself. The L.L. Bean

Inventory's Up. How Do You Differentiate?

The Greater Hartford Association of Realtors recently released their statistics for July. For the year (and July), the number of listings is up and closed sales are down. Add to that the shrinking number of available buyers due to the mortgage industry troubles. So, to put your home sale in business terms, you now have more competition and fewer buyers. Time to differentiate! 1. Most importantly, price your house right. Be sure the agent listing

Straight from the Dog's Mouth

NOTE: This blog is not at all real estate related. My dog has something to say. Libby here. I’m pretty upset with this Michael Vick business. A dog’s life should include walks, meeting buddies like Rugby and Peach at the park, eating rawhides, and sleeping- alot. I can’t quite understand why anyone would think that dogs want to fight. We’re a lovable bunch. It’s sad to see that people use us for monetary gain and

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