Keep a House File

I know being organized is a challenge for some, but when it comes to your home, it’s very important to keep detailed records. When you purchase a house or condo, you’ll be hit with a flurry of paperwork. The Purchase and Sale agreement, various disclosures, inclusions/exclusions forms, your home inspection, the insurance policy, and mounds and mounds of mortgage documentation. Keep all of this. DO NOT throw it away. It will only serve to help

New Retail Space at Prospect and Boulevard

Just about every day I drove by Larry’s Service Station at the corner of Prospect and Boulevard, on the West Hartford border. Then late last week the trucks were gone and there was a chain link fence surrounding the property. Where’d Larry go? Apparently to Farmington Avenue in Hartford. And yesterday the demolition commenced on Larry’s old locale. Steel beams swung around by a crane, dropped onto a pile of rubble below. Larry’s old home

Understanding Home Pictures on the Web

These days approximately 80% of home buyers use the internet to research homes. An important part of that research is pictures, as it allows the prospective buyer to get a sense of updates, layout, and room sizes in the home. However, often these pictures can be deceiving, or at least deliver a message. Here are some patterns I’ve seen after looking at hundreds of pictures online, and then actually viewing those homes in person. 1.

Rising Mortgage Interest Rates

Mortgage rates have been on the rise over the past couple of weeks. They have been the subject of numerous articles, but authors rarely take the time to translate the increase to something we can all understand – an actual cost in dollars. Let’s fire up Excel! We’re going to look at homes at two price points; a starter home at $250,000 and a mid-level home at $500,000. Both are very common in Greater Hartford.

West Hartford Budget Defeated

Less than 30% of West Hartford’s eligible voters turned out yesterday to vote on the Budget Referendum. Sad. The budget was soundly defeated, as 73% of those that did vote sent the message “Nice try, but go back to the drawing board, we don’t want to be taxed this much.” So now the question is “What exactly will be cut in order to reduce the budget?” Education will most likely be the main target, as