Close the Door

“Close the door” is a time-tested piece of advice.

Growing up in Vermont, the main reason to close the door was to keep the heat from getting out. Apparently barns are notorious for having open doors where I’m from. Being told to close the door was generally followed by a comment about how we don’t live in a barn. Which was true, we didn’t live in a barn.

There’s a strong case to be made in more densely populated areas that it is important to close the door so that strangers don’t come into your place. Not as much of a concern in Vermont, but here in Hartford there are enough curious folks walking around that I could imagine one investigating a door left open with nobody in sight. Maybe not the first time the door was left open, or even most times, but it seems plausible.

I recently learned of a new reason to close the door. It would seem that the door of this building is a primary defense against local wildlife.

Close the Door

After touring the property, it seemed clear that the home’s defenses had failed. Either the door was left open, against the clear instruction provided by the sign, or the fauna found a different way inside. I heard lots of scratching in the basement ceiling.

Buyers: Don't Forget to Have Fun

Buyer’s Week has been an exciting ride here at the Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog. We covered the current opportunity, the importance of talking to a mortgage professional, the benefits of trading up in a down market, and buying when you also have a house to sell. Fond memories…

Checkers or Chess Tables in Downtown HartfordBuying a home is a process punctuated by events. We think that buyers should understand what they are getting into at the start, and hope that they find a home that meets their needs and feels right for them. Just as important, we think that buyers should have fun along the way.

That’s right, buying a home should be fun!

It should be fun to check your email in the morning to see what’s new on the market. It should be fun to visit the different properties and debate their pros and cons. It should be fun to get a call from your agent to let you know that they found a home that looks very promising.

Sure, a home search can be difficult at times. Buyers often need to adjust their criteria and expectations as they learn about the market. And missing out on a promising house can be emotional. There are lots of things that can go against you throughout the process. You just have to keep the big picture in mind and not get too worried about every little thing.

A big part of keeping an even keel is knowing what to expect. Research the home buying process and don’t be afraid to reach out to the professionals for help. Mortgage professionals and real estate agents are the first to get involved, but you’ll also need a real estate attorney once you really get into the search. None of these people will bite. Their careers are based on providing top-notch service.

Well, I guess that’s it. That’s all the advice there is to give on the topic of buying a home. So that brings us to the end of Buyer’s Week on the Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog – thanks for joining us for this special event.

Oh, who are we kidding, it’s always Buyer’s Week and there’s always more advice to give! Now that we’ve touched on some of the major topics, what other questions do you have about the process?