A Biking Real Estate Agent

About a month ago I wrote a story about wanting to use my bicycle more for real estate. We have many regular readers who are bike enthusiasts, who were all very supportive of my effort … thank you for that. I’m happy to report that I’ve made good progress on my goal. Most importantly, I’ve eliminated some of the physical and mental barriers that I felt were keeping me from truly embracing the bike. The

Who’s Listening?

We had some company visiting us this week and I thought it would be a good idea to go get some fresh Connecticut peaches that we could all enjoy during their stay. Most of the South Glastonbury orchards open at 8am so I hopped in my car bright and early, with the kid, and headed across the river. Traffic was light and we made very good time. The farm stand at Belltown Orchards wasn’t open

An Exciting Email

Last week I received an email from a person inquiring about one of our listings. They wondered if it was still for sale. We get these sorts of messages every now and then. They’re exciting – a new lead and opportunity for our seller. I responded that it was and said that I’d be happy to answer any questions for them or take them for a visit, if they’d like. A few days later they

Levels of Awesomeness

We’ve already taken a look back at how the real estate markets did in 2010, but there’s another review we can do that is just as exciting. How did the local agents do? And more importantly (to us), how did we do compared to everyone else? Before going any further, we have to define the ground rules. We like to keep it simple. We look at sold dollar volume in the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service

Hello … I Heard You Are Moving

Michael Wilson, artistic director of the Hartford Stage, is going to be receiving that call quite often over the next year. Today’s Hartford Courant announced Mr. Wilson’s intent to leave the theater at the end of the upcoming season. Although news of his departure was probably enough to catch the attention of the more astute local real estate agents, the final sentence guaranteed that he will be one of the most popular people in Hartford