One Tank, Two Tanks

What’s worst than signs of a single in-ground oil tank? Thinking that there might be two in-ground oil tanks at the same property! I was beside myself as I saw this sight on the way into the home. Fortunately, once we got to the lower level we could see that there was actually basement space under the front porch (very unusual) and that these pipes fed the two tanks in that space. Whew!

Reading Gen Y Tea Leaves

The attitudes and habits of Generation Y will determine the future of the American real estate market (and most other areas of our economy). They have different feelings and priorities when it comes to housing than previous generations. Members of Gen Y have been particularly hard hit by the choppy economic conditions that have dominated since the early 2000s. The Atlantic recently published a piece called The Cheapest Generation and the subtitle “Why Millennials aren’t

Domino Deals

When I was a kid, stacking dominoes was a favorite pastime for rainy days. Make intricate patterns, twists and turns, jumps. It was entertaining to see just how long you could make the chain and watch one knock down the next. These days I work with a different kind of domino; Domino Deals. That’s when there is one transaction that is dependent on another moving forward in order to happen. For example, a buyer wants

The Evolution of Appraisal Risk

Real estate appraisals have been a hot button issue over the past few years. First, appraisers were implicated as a contributing factor to the real estate bubble in the mid 2000s. The line of thinking was that they were focused less on the accuracy of their results than on their next deal. Next, the government responded by clamping down on the appraisal process to prevent lenders and real estate agents (who were both also implicated

Homebuyer Event on Monday April 9, 2012

Have you ever thought about buying a home? Whether you are considering a search this spring or not planning to look for years, this informational session will help you understand the basics of buying a home in the Greater Hartford area. It will be more of a conversation than a lecture, and questions will be strongly encouraged. We will be leading the HYPE Homebuyer Seminar on Monday, April 9th, 2012 at 6:00pm. It will be