Cut & Paste: A Vacant West End Lot

There is a vacant lot at 510 Farmington Avenue in Hartford’s West End that I go by all the time. It used to be a gas station once upon a time, and back in the mid 2000s there was talk of putting up a building with residential over retail. I unfortunately can’t find any links related to the proposal that are still active. Here is the site as of yesterday. This picture is taken from

Building Stuff in Downtown Hartford

There has a been a noticeable increase in the discussion of new construction in Downtown Hartford over the past couple weeks. It started with the revelation that UConn would consider building a facility, and continued with word that the City of Hartford was thinking about building a new City Hall to consolidate office space. Ken Gosselin has worked feverishly to ferret out as many of the thirteen of the proposals submitted to UConn as he

A School in the West End: Our Conclusions

We’ve spent the week documenting the debate surrounding CREC’s proposed facility for the Museum Academy Magnet School in the West End of Hartford. We have tried to stick to the facts and present both sides of the discussion fairly to give both points of view an equal chance. Today we’re going to dig into the arguments of both sides a little more deeply. Here are our thoughts and views, we’ll start with a summary and

Who Wants to be a Real Estate Developer?

The City of Hartford is seeking development proposals for 8 city-owned blocks of property. The sale overview notes that the goal is to develop and/or revitalize the properties in accordance with the guiding principles of the One City, One Plan planning document. We’re excited that the City is taking steps to get these parcels into the hands of developers. If all goes according to plan, the future projects will not only improve the various neighborhoods,

David Panagore and Downtown Hartford

On Monday, September 27th, Hartford Young Professionals and Entrepreneurs (HYPE) is hosting an event focused on Downtown Hartford, and featuring David Panagore, COO and Director of Development Services for the City of Hartford. Mr. Panagore is a strong advocate for Hartford. He is leading the charge to encourage development in the capital city, and seems comfortable sharing information about projects that are under discussion, but by no means finalized. For example, just last week he