Historic Homes Rehab Tax Credit in Action

Last fall we wrote about the Historic Homes Rehabilitation Tax Credit, hoping to introduce it to our friends and neighbors. A year later we’re revisiting the subject for a variety of reasons. One is because it has come up in the WECA Architectural History and Resources Committee, and that group is looking to spread the word in any way they can. Also because people are beginning to take advantage of the program, so there’s a

The Wonders of Masking Tape

Recently I showed a house in the Hartford area where the homeowner had a strong affection for masking tape. Throughout the home we saw its various uses; acting as an insulating material to seal gaps between a door and its frame, serving as a water barrier to caulk around a bathroom vanity, replacing glue to hold together a broken piece of wood covering the water meter, and stitching together tears in a porch screen. Overall,