Inventory Levels in Greater Hartford

We’ve been showing a lot of houses over the past few weeks. And it seems like there just isn’t anything out there for buyers. What do the inventory levels of single family homes in various towns in the Hartford area tell us? All of the data used to develop this chart came from the CT Multiple Listing Service and is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. We looked at the number of homes currently for sale

Greater Hartford Housing Inventories Continued…

I recently received a few off-line comments about my recent post regarding real estate inventory levels in the Greater Hartford area. Remember, real estate inventory for a specific town is calculated by taking the current number of homes on the market in that town and dividing it by the number of closings during the previous month in that town, or some derivation thereof. In my calculation, I used February of 2008 to get the resulting

Greater Hartford Housing Inventories

We had an office meeting today and several agents in my office were commenting on how slow the market has been recently. I’ve noticed that the activity in the MLS has slowed in the towns that I typically monitor. So, this afternoon I decided to run some searches in the MLS to see how real estate markets in the Greater Hartford area are fairing. First, how is the current inventory level of homes calculated? The