January Contracts: A Fast Start to 2012

The number of single-family homes that went under contract in January 2012 jumped 14% over January of last year. The total of 458 deals that came together signals that the local real estate markets are off and running for 2012. We have heard a number of theories as to why buyers are active so early in the year. One is that the lack of snow has everyone acting like it’s spring. Another line of thinking

2011 Closed Stats From 50,000 Feet

Last year we gathered up all the Hartford County residential transactions since the beginning of the CTMLS in 2000 and showed how the very high level trends had changed over 10 years. Today we update those charts with the data from 2011. As always, the CTMLS is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. Observations The total number of single-family home transactions fell again in 2011, decreasing about 8% from the 2010 total. With the latest data

October Contracts: In Line With Expectations

There were 464 Hartford County single-family properties that went under contract during the month of October. Activity was closer to last year’s activity level than the 2009 level, which was influenced by a homebuyer tax credit deadline (Recall that buyers had to close by the end of November 2009, which meant getting their property under contract in October). The County remains on track to exceed 2010’s total number of contracts. We need to have 635

August Contracts: A Wash Out

Single-family contracts totaled 532 in August, a slight decline from July’s total, though an increase over August 2010’s tally – it was a summer month with sporadic activity. Hurricane Irene passed through the County during the final week of the month, putting most of the real estate market on hold for at least three days, with some areas affected through the end of the month. We don’t know for sure how much of an impact

May Contracts: A Classic Look

Activity in the Greater Hartford real estate markets continued to build through the month of May, with a total of 687 Hartford County deals coming together in the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service. Markets are now back in line with the 2009 numbers. May’s result shows that there are still buyers on the hunt for homes. The peak of the spring market is often the month of May, so seeing the number of deals increase over