April Contracts: Better Than Last Year

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in April 2013

The Hartford County single-family housing market continued its strong spring. Overall, buyers and sellers agreed to 845 deals during the month, which is nearly 15% higher than April of 2012. The year-to-date number of contracts is more than 5% ahead of where it was at this point last year. Strong April performance helps support our view that the February result was an aberration. Both March and April finished with higher contract totals than any individual

March Contracts: And We’re Back

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in March 2013

February was slow. March bounced back to above the 2012 trend with 773 deals coming together. This is about 4% over the March 2012 result. Since the market continues to be very active, we still believe that February was an aberration and should not be interpreted as weakness in the single-family real estate market in Hartford County. Buyers in many towns, and at a variety of price points, are frustrated by the low number of

January Contracts: Strong, Very Strong

January contracts were up nearly 19% over the same month last year. The market appears poised for a strong spring season, and to extend the increase in activity that we saw in 2012. Can 2013 outperform 2012 in each and every month in the same way that 2012 outperformed 2011? That would be exciting for the market, and going back to a chart from January showing that the region is about 30% below market activity

Hartford County Real Estate Closings in 2012

Hartford County Single-Family Transaction 2012

Most of our ongoing analysis of the real estate market is focused on contract data. We like to track contract data because it represents an important milestone, it is more immediate than closings, and it is a strong predictor of closings. But at the end of the year it is also interesting to take a look at the closing numbers since those data points have a meaningful price associated with them. In 2012 the number

December Contracts: Strong Finish

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in December 2012

The 2012 Hartford County single-family real estate market finished the year strongly. Which really wasn’t a surprise since it had consistently shown an increase in activity throughout the year. The final count shows that the number of contracts for December was up about 10% over the previous December. This wasn’t as much market growth as we had seen in past months, but the strangeness that occurred at the end of 2011 makes the year-over-year comparisons