A School in the West End: Our Conclusions

We’ve spent the week documenting the debate surrounding CREC’s proposed facility for the Museum Academy Magnet School in the West End of Hartford. We have tried to stick to the facts and present both sides of the discussion fairly to give both points of view an equal chance. Today we’re going to dig into the arguments of both sides a little more deeply. Here are our thoughts and views, we’ll start with a summary and

Spewing Generalities: Is Your Realtor a Politician?

It’s the political season and we’re being inundated from all sides with debates, interviews, and commercials. The recurring theme that I see seems to be politicians speaking in generalities. When they’re asked a direct question about a plan they have to solve an issue, the response is usually some circuitous generalization. Here’s a spoof of what I’m talking about… UPDATE: Embedded video removed … see it here. I don’t understand why politicians cannot answer questions