Are You Real or Not?

I usually receive anywhere from 50 to 100 non-spam emails a day to my work account. These emails are from clients, other agents, and sometimes potential clients. The potential client emails come in two formats, directly from a person to my email address or through a real estate website like, Zillow, etc. to my email address. Emails that come from a person directly to my account are usually from “real” people. By “real” I

Are Real Estate Websites Your Friend?

Real estate websites came up in yesterday’s post. The basic question was, “Can buyers rely on public real estate websites during a home search?” I think we can all agree that they’re fun to look at, and they do a very nice job at presenting and consolidating data. But do they have a buyer’s (or seller’s) best interests in mind? I don’t think they do. Their goal is to make money. Basically all the sites

Home Pricing Strategy for the Internet

You’re ready to sell your house and you’ve met with your agent to go over their pricing recommendation and marketing plan. The agent feels your house would be competitive in the market if it was priced anywhere between $290,000 and $300,000. So what do you choose as a listing price? There are lots of options, but the most popular choices in this situation would most likely be $299,000 or $299,900 or $300,000. One aspect of