Friday the 13th

The other day we were talking about our current pending deals, and noted that we both have closings scheduled for mid August. Closing in the middle of the month is pretty common, but we discovered that our two deals have something in common. Neither us, nor our clients, wanted to close on Friday the 13th. Friday is the most common day for real estate closings in Hartford County. In looking at data for over 30,000

Hartford County Takes a Breather

So it’s been a few weeks since the buyer credit expired on April 30th. How’s the market doing now? Crickets. Can you hear them? This graph shows the number of contracts written for residential properties in Hartford County. Data is grouped by week and comes from the Connecticut Multiple Listing Service, which is deemed reliable but not guaranteed. 2004 was selected as the comparison year for three reasons: 1. The days/dates match up with 2010

After the Home Buyer Tax Credit

As of the first of May, the Federal Home Buyer Tax Credit is no longer part of the American residential real estate landscape. The incentive took various forms since it first went into effect in April of 2008, offering cash to both first-time buyers and existing home owners. Looking back, two questions immediately come to mind. How did the credit impact the markets over the past few years? And how will the credit continue to

Real Estate Bargains: Getting the Best Buy Possible

Yesterday we highlighted four common myths that sometimes lead buyers to believe they’re getting a better deal than they really are. Today we’re sharing some thoughts about finding true real estate bargains. Let’s just get this first point out of the way early. If you’re looking for a ridiculous value – a complete steal – then a real estate agent probably isn’t going to find it for you. You need to start pounding the pavement

West Hartford Feeding Frenzy

The West Hartford real estate market feels like it’s moving very quickly these days. We’re especially noticing it since we have many buyer clients looking in the town and because the town is traditionally the most active real estate market in the county. It is common to see new listings sell in a couple of days if they are priced right, and we’ve been seeing multiple offer situations on a regular basis. Despite the bidding