The Evolution of Appraisal Risk

Real estate appraisals have been a hot button issue over the past few years. First, appraisers were implicated as a contributing factor to the real estate bubble in the mid 2000s. The line of thinking was that they were focused less on the accuracy of their results than on their next deal. Next, the government responded by clamping down on the appraisal process to prevent lenders and real estate agents (who were both also implicated

Should I List My House in the Fall?

It’s the middle of October in Greater Hartford. The leaves are turning. It’s getting dark outside earlier. We’ve turned our heat on (much to the chagrin of my better half). To me, this signals the seasonal slowing of the real estate market. But I’m still getting phone calls from folks that want to sell their homes. Should they list their house now? Or should they wait until the spring? There are a few things to

Buyers: Trade Up in a Down Market

Buyer’s Week continues at the Greater Hartford Real Estate Blog, building on Monday’s look at the current opportunity and Tuesday’s suggestion to start with the mortgage. Check back each day for another post specifically for buyers. A real estate market with falling prices is actually a very good environment for trading up to a larger home – if you can overcome your fears. Consider a simplified example. Suppose home prices have fallen 10% from their

Sellers, We Feel Your Pain

It’s good for Kyle and me to periodically do real estate deals of our own so that we have our clients’ perspectives fresh in mind. Our most recent deal was on the sell side and had its share of drama. Like every seller ever, we felt that the buyers were making unreasonable requests. Let’s count down our top three favorites: 3. Fix a Working Door. One of the post-inspection requests was to fix the bedroom

Colorful First Impressions

Put yourself in the shoes of a buyer. You’ve seen a listing on the internet that looks interesting and have contacted your agent to set up a showing. After arriving at the property, you wait in your car for a moment or two before getting out. You then walk up to the front door and meet your agent, who has arrived early to open the home and turn on the lights for the showing. So