Small Victory in the Tomato Experiment

Maybe you’ve been following our tomato experiment. A couple of weeks ago we were rejoicing about beating the neighborhood critters. Well, now our plants have succumbed to the blight. Eh. Our five remaining tomato plants still have tons of tomatoes on them, it’s just that we lose about 15 tomatoes for every 1 we harvest. These are some ugly tomatoes… This past week we did declare a small victory, as we were able to save

Proud Parents

They sure do grow up quickly! It seems like just yesterday we were preparing to raise our very own little ones. Carefully preparing the bed, gathering the necessary accesories, and mixing the right amount of food. And now, just look at them, we couldn’t be prouder. This has been our best tomato crop ever – by a large margin. The small plants pictured in our late-May post have grown to the size of small shrubs

Our Topsy Turvy Tomato Experiment

Kyle and I are both originally from Vermont. I think this means that we are supposed to have green thumbs. My theory comes from the fact that when I was in college just about every person that learned I was from Vermont asked “Did you grow up on a farm?” To set the record straight, neither Kyle nor I grew up on a farm. Perhaps as a tribute to our “heritage,” each year we try