Zeflections on Zillow

City Hall Sculpture

Earlier this week we put up a story about Zillow’s view on the value of our home. It wasn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Zillow, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Historically we’ve only brought up the site when we we’re frustrated or amused. This mention had an interesting result – Zillow found our article and weighed in directly, and helpfully (see the comments at the bottom). It caused some debate and reflection

Why Does Zillow Hate My House?

Zillow is a fairly popular website among buyers. They have an algorithm they use to provide a Zestimate for any house, whether it’s actively for sale or not. The Zestimate is Zillow’s estimate of what they think the house is worth. This Zestimate is derived from recent comparable sales and a little fairy dust, I think. I spend a lot of time debunking Zillow Zestimates. I will admit, it kind of pisses me off. I

Just Plain Zilly…

I helped a buyer write an offer last week. It was a strong offer on every aspect but price. I could understand how the seller might not think it was a fantastic offer price-wise. But the rational their agent gave me regarding their counter offer was nonsensical. You see, the agent told me that Zillow priced the property at $XXX,XXX, so that supported the price. My response was “Excuse me? You’re using Zillow to justify