Using Assessor Data to Bid

Buyers in search of a bargain can be resourceful in finding support for a low bid. Zillow is the most common “proof” offered as justification for a lowball offer since Zestimates almost always err on the low side (which makes sense considering their business model). But every now and then someone tries to argue that a property’s taxable value is an important data point. Towns in Greater Hartford set taxable values once every five years

Are Real Estate Websites Your Friend?

Real estate websites came up in yesterday’s post. The basic question was, “Can buyers rely on public real estate websites during a home search?” I think we can all agree that they’re fun to look at, and they do a very nice job at presenting and consolidating data. But do they have a buyer’s (or seller’s) best interests in mind? I don’t think they do. Their goal is to make money. Basically all the sites

Just Plain Zilly…

I helped a buyer write an offer last week. It was a strong offer on every aspect but price. I could understand how the seller might not think it was a fantastic offer price-wise. But the rational their agent gave me regarding their counter offer was nonsensical. You see, the agent told me that Zillow priced the property at $XXX,XXX, so that supported the price. My response was “Excuse me? You’re using Zillow to justify