Cleaning Your Gutters the Creative Way

My husband, Kyle, makes me laugh. He likes to think of himself as a handy type of guy and prides himself on being able to do things around the house, rather than having to hire others. So twice a year, he has to do one of his least favorite home maintenance projects, but really an important one; cleaning the gutters.

Cleaning our gutters presents quite the challenge because they’re a good 30 feet off the ground. Walking on our roof is not an option because it’s slate. And you’d really just have to have a death wish to be up that high. So you either need to put a ladder up and slowly work your way around the house climing up and down the ladder 10s of times, or find a better way.

Well, Kyle seems to have found a better way. He’s rigged up a Shop-Vac, about 30 feet of vacuum hose, and a telescoping pole so he can just walk around the house and suck the debris out of the gutters. I think the neighbors thinks he’s nuts, but hey, it works!