Here’s what our clients are saying…

“Amy Bergquist was everything I wanted from an agent. She was honest, direct, and dedicated to accommodating my needs as a seller. She put together a beautiful portfolio for my home. Although she faced unimaginable weather issues, I had an offer at the price I needed within 2 weeks of placing my home on the market. She worked well with the buyer’s agent and in the end, everyone was happy. I cannot imagine how things would have worked out had I gone with someone else. Amy was a perfect match for me and my home. The selling experience with her was as easy as it could have been. I would recommend her to my friends, family and anyone who was looking for a professional, exceptional agent. Hire her. You’re only regret will be waiting until now to do so.”
Kelly Hambleton

“Without Amy and Kyle’s assistance, we would not have ended up in the house we love. They helped us navigate a difficult real estate market by giving us good advice, current information, resources for additional research and endless patience. They know the market and are able to help buyers weigh the costs and benefits of each house. This was particularly important for us, as young buyers new to the area, since we relied on them to help us identify an area a that would be a good fit for our preferences. They are professional, knowledgeable and approachable, and their guidance made a potentially stressful experience enjoyable and exciting.”
Brooks & Beth Parker

“Kyle made the first-time home buying experience exciting and memorable. His commitment to helping us find the perfect home that met both our needs and our wants was unfaltering. Despite the fact that we began our search looking for an investment property, Kyle, always supportive, helped to keep our eyes open to all possibilities. Five months later, we couldn’t be happier as we have settled into our single family home in West Hartford Center. Since we started the search, we have not only found a great Realtor with vast knowledge about the area, we have also found a friend.”
Kate Heintz & Andy Lund

“Thank you so much for all you did to help us find the perfect home for our new life! You were patient with our initial confusion, perceptive in hearing our needs, and vigilant in making sure everything went smoothly. End Result: We are thrilled with our new house.”
Kathy & Charlie Hulin

“I think you did a great job with the house and, without hesitation, I would recommend you to anyone looking for an agent.”
Larry Greenberg

“Once again, I want to thank you so much (from all our family) for making this all happen so quickly and so well in a really down market. You went way above and beyond – and it really paid off. Again – you are awesome!”
Patty Keane

“Amy was an absolute pleasure to work with. She’s the kind of realtor that stays on top of the process and makes sure all the other parties are doing their part to make sure the transaction goes smoothly. I remember thinking that if the agent on the buyer’s side was as good as Amy, we would have been done a few weeks sooner!”
Victor De La Paz

“Thanks again for getting the job done on this. I truly appreciate your open, honest approach to selling homes.”
Mark Quigley

“As first time buyers, Amy was invaluable to us with her wealth of knowledge and patience. We always felt she was looking out for our best interests and truly on our side, and she helped us through many “bumps in the road” during the process – without ever making us feel pressured to move forward.”
Mat & Val Jasinski

“Your patience and desire to help me find not just a house, but the right house – no matter how many visits it took – made my first home buying experience a good one.”
Meredith Durham

“Thank you very much for helping us to buy our first home in the U.S. The process of finding a right house, getting a good mortgage, finding an attorney are so complicated, but your attitude and helpfulness have helped us to go through a long and complex process without stress.

Many people told us a buyer representative only works for his or her interest, but from your advice, we know that you have put our interest before yours. You are also a good listener. We will never forget you…”
Bao Le & Kim Ngan Nguyen

“We first met Amy when we started to visit Open Homes on Sunday afternoons. We had recently moved to Connecticut from Ireland and had just started to our search for a new home. Having met a number of different agents while touring the homes on offer Amy initially stood out among all others … simply by not being intrusive! As our search continued we kept meeting other agents who were eager to work with us but they seemed more focused on pushing their services rather than listening to us. Amy simply sent a card to us, followed up on some questions we had asked and offered further help if we needed … this was what we appreciated.

Once we decided on what it was we were looking for it was an easy decision to engage her services. As soon as we left the offices of William Raveis, Amy was sending us lists to review and no matter when we had a question she was exceptionally quick to respond with an answer. From the time we found the home we wanted she took us through every step, which given our limited understanding of the housing process was very welcome. I can’t remember the amount of calls or emails we sent her, but I know we had a prompt, reassuring and competent response to all. Even a month after we closed, we still call her, and she still answers!!

We would recommend anyone looking for an agent to consider working with Amy. It’s hard to imagine anyone in the industry is as honest, competent and hard working, with a sense of humor!”
Lindsay & Michael Gaul

“I recently bought my first home, and would definitely recommend Amy Bergquist. What distinguishes Amy from other realtors is 1) her laid-back, hardworking attitude and 2) her industry knowledge (as evidenced by her blog). Amy is also extremely organized, and was on top of the entire process. She was like my real estate Blackberry! Thanks for all your help Amy!”
Jessica Lee

“Thank you again for everything! We are very impressed with how smooth the process was and very much appreciate your attention to detail. We couldn’t be happier with the whole transaction.”
Rachelle & Jim Harper