South Quaker & Flatbush Playground, West Hartford

Another report from the field by our interprid playground reporter.

Flatbush and Quaker Playground, West Hartford

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 slides

Location: 877 Flatbush Avenue, West Hartford, at the corner of South Quaker Lane.

Hours: Dawn to Dusk

A great place for younger children to go burn off some energy in a controlled environment. There is just one (large) piece of equipment, so no need to worry about anything distracting from focused playing!

Playscape: The sole entertainment at this smaller playground is the newer playscape, which is labeled as ages 2 to 5. It seemed ideal for the younger end of that range as there is nothing too difficult or seemingly dangerous.

Swings: None.

Other Stuff: Nothing inside the fence. Well, a tree and some grass, but that hardly counts. However, the park is on the corner of a very large field that is used for soccer.

Facilities: None.

Social Opportunities: Limited. Not sure what the whole story is behind this little playground. It kinda looks like it was added on to the soccer fields so that younger siblings would have a place to entertain themselves while the older kids had practices or games. We haven’t been while the main fields were in use, but on two visits we only saw one other child playing.

Potential for Escape: Low. There is a large fence surrounding the entire playground, with the entrance quite far from the playscape. It’s a good place for high energy kids to go run around for a while without too much to worry about.


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