Zeflections on Zillow

City Hall Sculpture

Earlier this week we put up a story about Zillow’s view on the value of our home. It wasn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Zillow, and I’m sure it won’t be the last. Historically we’ve only brought up the site when we we’re frustrated or amused. This mention had an interesting result – Zillow found our article and weighed in directly, and helpfully (see the comments at the bottom). It caused some debate and reflection

The End is Near!

I regularly read articles about the imminent demise of real estate agents. You’ve seen them too. They go like this: The internet is changing how real estate is bought and sold; see websites A, B and C. Consumers now have access to information they never had before. As more folks peer behind the curtain, real estate agents are going to suffer from fewer deals and lower commissions. The end is near! Although I agree with