Honest Advice

Amy and Kyle will always be honest with you. They will always provide their best assessment of a situation, even if that is unfavorable to them or to you.

Honesty sounds like it should be obvious and easy, but it is actually challenging to deliver. Clients don’t always want to hear honest advice. Additionally, an adviser must have ability and willingness to deliver an honest assessment. Amy and Kyle both possess the necessary skills and attitudes.

First, they follow the real estate market closely and have the technical ability to analyze and interpret the data available in the MLS and other sources. They are excellent at zeroing in on the value of property in the current market environment. Honesty is immediately undermined if the analysis totally wrong.

Next, they always put their clients first. There are regularly times when the incentives of the client conflict with the incentives of their agent. Amy and Kyle always put the client’s needs first. Putting a client first extends to informal conversations too. If a potential client asks about a real estate situation that doesn’t make sense, then they will explain why the potential client may want to rethink their plan.

Finally, they have the confidence and integrity to speak the truth when it is unfavorable to the client. They’ll support their position with analysis and present it professionally, but it might be an uncomfortable conversation. As an adviser they feel they have an obligation to advise.

Amy and Kyle look to begin every client relationship with honesty. If you’re considering a purchase, they’ll help you understand what is realistic in terms of your search. If you’re a seller, they’re going to give you their best analysis about what your home is worth, even if that means their proposed listing price is less than you are hoping to hear.

Honesty is the most important quality that an adviser can offer a client. It requires the ability to be accurate with analysis, the willingness to put the client first, and the confidence to present and defend unpopular positions.

The goal of every real estate transaction is to get the best possible outcome for the client. An honest assessment of the situation is the critical first step.