Interesting Articles About the California Real Estate Environment

I saw a few interesting real estate articles recently that capture some of the trends in the California market. A company with locations in Los Angeles and San Francisco is renting out individual bunks in a home for $1,200 per month. You get a bed, and a shelf, and a wall mounted TV. There might also be a curtain built it. Guests are not allowed into the building – only residents. Google has partnered with

Early Zoning in Hershey

Hershey Plan

Our non-work adventures recently took us to Hershey, Pennsylvania for sightseeing. It turns out that the town was planned by the chocolate mogul himself to be a form of “company town” like he had seen in other parts of the world. His spin on the idea was to try to be nice to his workers by encouraging homeownership, selling homes at affordable prices, and providing easy payment plans to finance the purchases. He also encouraged

June Contracts: Welcome to Summer

Hartford County Single Family Contracts in June 2019

Hartford County finished June with 958 single-family contracts, slightly behind last June. The first half of the year overall finished slightly ahead of the first half of 2018 despite the June result. You’ll notice in the chart above that there was a July bump in 2017 but not in 2018. Summer markets can be unpredictable, but they are generally an active time of the year as buyers continue looking for homes. We’ll see how this

Real Estate Leads Part 4: Are You a Lead?

Types of Leads

There is an active market for leads in real estate, though the economics are generally hidden from the public. I thought it would be a good idea to shine a light on this corner of the industry so that you can understand how it all works. Start with Part 1 if you are just joining us. Yes, you are a real estate lead. Everyone is a real estate lead! The key question is which type