Historic Elizabeth Park Defaced

Earlier today, Elizabeth Park was the scene of handicraft hooliganism as scores of knit flowers, hearts, and other colorful shapes were strewn throughout the historic rose garden. There were no reports of injuries from the attack. The following pictures were taken in, and around, the rose garden pavilion.

An organization called the Knitty Gritty Committee has claimed responsibility, boldly posting pictures of the attack in progress on their website. The KGC, with slogans like “Punks not Dead” and “Thug for Life” in their logo, embrace a form of urban art terrorism that tries to make you feel good.

The neighborhood’s going to pot…

23 thoughts on “Historic Elizabeth Park Defaced”

  1. Amazing. To think that people would go out of their way to bring a little cheer and colour to the barren winter landscape. How dare they beautify and liven their community. Whats next, planting trees? Rescuing puppies? Or *GASP* feeding the homeless? Oh dear. Whatever shall we do?

  2. no- We can only assume you are part of the KGC, or one of its close allies.

    Do you not see the confusion on the face of the small child in the last picture? Winter is for white, gray and cold. There are no flowers in the winter! Now she thinks it is time for flowers, puppies and sunshine.

    These acts by the KGC only cause confusion and promote hope that winter will end soon. This hooliganism must be stopped. What’s next? A farmer’s market with woven vegetables?

  3. Well brittany, we can only assume that you are also part of KGC or a supporter.

    Who could this really hurt? Well how about me, for one? I now have to listen to my daughter whine about flowers and sunshine and happy crap that doesn’t happen in the winter.

    Also, I could have been hurt trudging through 2 feet of slushy snow just trying to see this “art” and take pictures of it to share with the world.

    Me! That’s who it could hurt. No one else, really.

  4. Hey Amy,

    We over here in the KGC got your humor right off the bat. We really appreciate you trudging through the snow, it was some great exercise! It’s funny you mention the farmer’s market… we put up some pieces there last summer!

    Thanks for the blog support. All the people that think this is serious…. really?


    To anyone who is interested, we meet tonight at 7pm in the Real Art Ways lounge.

  5. um, no one made you trudge through the snow.
    flowers + hearts does not = terrorism

    and a question: does she get confused while looking at Monet paintings in the winter? did she get confused by chocolate roses on Valentine’s Day? …if your daughter is confused about winter, I suggest you tell her that those flowers were made out of yarn

    and btw, OBVIOUSLY if someone is standing up for this they are a friend/ally/member/fan. you don’t need to state the obvious in an accusatory McCarthyist way, as though fans of this are horrible conspiring people. SO SORRY we enjoy creative art.

  6. CamusKitty- thanks for the support. What your group did was really lovely and actually made our day. I don’t know why people don’t understand sarcasm.

    ME- Really? Did you think we were being serious about this being “art terrorism?” Do people not understand tongue-in-cheek humor anymore? This post was completely SARCASM. Some of the comments on this post have really made me wonder if people actually READ and THINK before they REACT.

    All- it was a lovely display. If you have time to get over to Elizabeth Park before the wind blows it away or birds use it to make nests, please do.

  7. “ME- Really? Did you think we were being serious about this being “art terrorism?” Do people not understand tongue-in-cheek humor anymore? This post was completely SARCASM. Some of the comments on this post have really made me wonder if people actually READ and THINK before they REACT.”

    Save the Tree Octopus!


  8. Wasn’t it St Valentine that wrote love letters from prison?? I suggest that anyone who has felt imprisoned by this brutal winter we are having to take a walk through Elizabeth Park and enjoy the madness.
    To the KGC: Thank you for your creative energy and for your warm colorful reminder that Spring is fast approaching. Happy Valentine’s Day!!

  9. ok Amy,
    When I first read this article, I assumed it was sarcastic. I only thought you were being serious when I read the comments and you seemed to respond very defensively. I truly appreciate you clearing this up, and I now appreciate your support that I overlooked -but, keep in mind- it’s hard to convey/detect sarcasm in writing. It’s easy to pick up on in conversation because we can hear vocal intonation or read body language… but when it’s just text, it’s left to the reader’s interpretation.

  10. brittany- I’m the author of this blog and wrote the post. Thanks for reiterating that you’re calling me an idiot, I appreciate it.

    Brooks- I’m happy to donate my yearly salary to the Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus, seems like a worthy cause. Whom do I make the check out to?

  11. Brooks- and that is why I said I’d donate my salary, my salary is zero dollars.

    I think I’m going to lay off the sarcasm on the blog for awhile.

  12. Hey KGC, here’s the truth. I won’t comment on the individuals responsible because I don’t know you however, anyone who screws with other peoples property without permission are simply wrong. Its basically a criminal act. Regarless of wether or not YOU think it looks ok, you illegally messed with property that does not belong to you and you have NO RIGHT to do it. If you have something of value to show the world, use legal channels to do so. Otherwise, you’re just another bunch of misdirected people defacing property.

  13. As the great Sergei Eisenstein once said, “FOR ART IS ALWAYS CONFLICT:
    1. because of its social mission.
    2. because of its nature,
    3. because of its methodology.”

    All of our “victims” that have come forward have thanked us, not just for the color but for the publicity. If anyone’s property has been negatively affected and really cared about it, they would speak up. But we have not heard from anyone thus far.

    Our tags can be easily removed. We’ve done it in front of police in Hartford. They didn’t even respond to an Advocate interviewer who wrote about us. They were busy with real problems.

  14. Elizabeth Park on FaceBot linked to this and was surprised & dismayed to find that the peanut gallery liked & approved of the GKC’s installation. I chimed in and suggested that they approach the GKC and set up an EP approved installation for next year, a la Central Park’s Gates installation (that was simply fab & a great PR thing.) They took the whole discussion down. Poof! Gone.

  15. @Janette, I saw your post and thought it was a good idea. It could have been a great opportunity to bring our art to the park. I was also disappointed that the entire discussion was taken down from FB. Their loss…

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