Mikey’s Place Playground, Wethersfield

Our fearless playground tester/reporter scopes out the scene in Wethersfield.

Mikeys Place Wethersfield - Large Playscape

Overall Rating: 5 out of 5 slides.

Location: 330 Garden Street, Wethersfield, CT

Hours: 8am to sunset

Mikey’s Place is a sprawling playground that features different playscapes and other features for children of all ages and abilities. Fun, fun, fun!

Playscape: There are two primary playscapes. The one for smaller children feels like it goes on forever and is in a well fenced area with other equipment and activities. The playscape for older children is quite high, and features both some unique climbing options and a more gradual ascent that even a 2 year old can manage.

Swings: Mikey’s Place has every kind of swing one can imagine, everything from toddler swings, to large swinging sofas like you’d see hanging on a porch. There’s even a swing called Grandpa’s Boat that looks vaguely like a booth you would find at a restaurant – except it rocks back and forth.

Other Stuff: There is too much other stuff to possibly list. The park has interesting equipment tucked into open spaces in both the play area for smaller children and larger children. For example, there is a puppet stage with stool seating for about 10. Standish Park provides a large open field for play, and the Cove Park soccer field is less than a block to the north.

Facilities: There was an oversized port-a-potty just outside the play area when we visited that appeared to be a regular fixture.

Social Opportunities: Very high, Mikey’s Place looks to be a popular hangout. We were there in the early afternoon of a weekday and saw lots of other children and parents.

Potential for Escape: Medium. Although the area for small kids is fully fenced, except for openings on either end, we could imagine keeping up with an excited child might be difficult when the playground is busy. There is no fencing to speak of around the play area for the larger children.

Mikeys Place Wethersfield - Small Playscape

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