We Buy Houses

I see signs all over town advertising for people, or companies, that are willing to buy homes.

There is a great diversity in the type of signs. The two examples here highlight some key decisions that go into creating the signs:
1. Do I get it printed, or do I write it by hand?
2. Do I spring for a toll-free number, or stick with a local number?
3. Do I mention cash?

Most signs are stapled well above reach on telephone poles, as both of these are, though there are other types of signs out there as well. Take a look the next time you’re out and about – they’re hard to miss if you’re looking for them!

We Buy Houses 01

We Buy Houses 02

4 thoughts on “We Buy Houses

  1. I’ve never seen a sign for a lost ferret, I wonder if it would include a picture? I don’t think I’d be able to tell one ferret from another, like a dog or cat, but the image would probably help me know what to look for.

    But in general I agree that if you’re hoping to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars buying real estate, then you should pony up for more professional looking printed signs.

  2. Oooh. I was hoping for some investigative reporting. I am always curious as to what those signs are really offering. I think you should call one 🙂

  3. There will be a follow up post at some point after investigative reporting is done. We’re curious as to what these folks offer and the different business models they run. Stay tuned!

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