An Offer’s Strength: Financing


How strong is the bid we just submitted for that property you love? Are you going to get the house? Sellers are receiving multiple offers on a regular occasion this spring. Buyers are lined up, anxious to buy a home, and willing to submit offers on homes as soon as they hit the market. In many cases buyers know they need to write up their best offer immediately – there may not be an opportunity

Quantifying Appraisal Risk

A while back we talked about how appraisals can impact a deal. A new twist is that buyers have recently been making their offers more attractive by voluntarily removing the appraisal clause. They take the risk that the appraiser finds that the “value” of the home to be less than the contract price, and they have to bring more cash to the closing. Today we’re going to quantify that risk. Banks require appraisals to help

We Buy Houses

I see signs all over town advertising for people, or companies, that are willing to buy homes. There is a great diversity in the type of signs. The two examples here highlight some key decisions that go into creating the signs: 1. Do I get it printed, or do I write it by hand? 2. Do I spring for a toll-free number, or stick with a local number? 3. Do I mention cash? Most signs