Home Inspections

You should always try to attend the home inspection on the property you want to buy. It is typically a 2-3 hour walking consultation about the home. You’ll receive first hand information about the condition of the property, how the house operates, where the main shut-off valves to the utilities are located, etc. If defects are discovered, the inspector will explain possible causes and solutions whenever possible. They may be able to give you estimated costs to repair issues.

Typically, the top 10 defects in a home inspection are:

1. Roof leaks due to poor flashing and/or roof material failure due to poor installation.
2. Water penetration in the basement or crawl space due to poor surface water control.
3. Electrical safety issues due to age of the home or homeowner alterations.
4. Deterioration of the interior wall material behind the shower and tub surround areas.
5. Safety concerns associated with improperly installed decks, stairs, or railings.
6. Heating unit and distribution system problems due to age and workmanship or alterations.
7. Structural concerns due to improper construction and/or alterations, or excessive unbalanced load.
8. Fire safety issues related to fireplace chimneys.
9. Wood deterioration caused by termites or other wood destroying organisms due to local environment or conducive conditions.
10. General fire and safety issues with home ownership.