It's Like Magic

Every once in a while renovation projects take a giant leap forward, completely transforming in a single day. The kitchen project made a leap last week, and then made another one yesterday. They’re exciting – really exciting – because they are obvious progress, and because they look so good. But let me back up a little bit.

Cabinets magically appear in the kitchenThe team had been methodically working to get the space put back together for a while. Plumbing, electrical, heating, ceiling, walls, moldings, floor, paint … it was starting to look like a room again. A big empty room, but a fresh and clean room that was ready to be turned into a kitchen.

And then Josh Winkley, of Maple Tree Cabinetmakers, arrived with a trailer full of cabinets. The first delivery had the white cabinets for the kitchen. He moved them inside, and it seemed like the very next day they were all hung with the doors in place. Magically, it looked like a kitchen! The same thing happened with the pantry. Josh pulled up with the trailer, unloaded a bunch of stuff, and then voila, the next time we visited the cabinets were in place.

Despite the speed with which it appeared to happen, putting a kitchen together isn’t easy work. Normally we can only hear the project, and have to imagine the reason for each cut of the saw and whirl of the drill. I was unable to restrain myself during the pantry portion and popped in for a quick peek during the middle of the day. There were laser beams projected across the walls, levels of various sizes bridging the different cabinets, and other tools of precision than I don’t have a clue how to use. Josh takes the installation very seriously, and works hard to make sure it is perfect. Actually checking it out showed the complexity and precision of the process, and made us appreciate the talented team even more.

Maybe this sort of work is more about experience, skill, and pride, but to me it still seems like magic. And I can’t wait for the next magical day!

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