9 thoughts on “Squirrels!

  1. Eating part of Heather’s house and destroying your pumpkin can be considered acts of aggression toward humans. Hey squirrels, it’s on!

  2. Oh, my goodness! That is terrible. Ours was eaten but just in a few spots – I consider us lucky compared to your pumpkin attack.

  3. To add insult to injury, the squirrels are now burying the pumpkin pieces in my planters on the front step, throwing dirt and plants everywhere. No good rodents!

  4. Hi Amy,

    We could barter for now by allowing me to give you a handful of fox urine pellets (fine like sand) to instill fear in the squirrel…thinking around every pumpkin a guile and wily predator awaits…watching their every move…

    Fear is a very powerful motivator, no?

  5. Nicholas, I think these squirrels are fearless and fox urine would be no deterent to them. I swear I saw them beating up a small child in the neighborhood last week… 😉

  6. The pumpkin on my porch got attacked, too, except the squirrels nibbled all the way through- one day it had a sunroof, the next day it was a convertible.

  7. Ehh – seeing how nature works and how these furry little creatures get their food, live their lives around bigger and often far mre destructive animals (humans) is well worth the sacrifice of the pumpkin. After all, we routinely squash them with our massive vehicles. This seems fair game – a nice juicy pumpkin. If you sprinkle peanuts around they eat and bury those – its great to watch.

  8. All- the pumpkin really is a small sacrifice, I am an animal lover afterall. I just wish they would sweep up their mess! 🙂

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