In Search of the Meat Grinder

We sometimes see strange things when touring homes with clients. After walking through one property top to bottom, we were surprised to see a “meat grinder” listed in the circuit breaker box in big bold letters … where was the meat grinder? And why does a single-family home have such a serious meat grinder that it requires not only a dedicated circuit but also a double breaker?

Meat Grinder

It seems that this relatively new home salvaged their electrical box, and the actual circuit breakers, from a commercial building. There was also a circuit for the “Xerox next to the elevator” and other commercial sounding circuits. Weird. And sorry for the blurry picture – it was dark and all we had was a phone’s camera.

6 thoughts on “In Search of the Meat Grinder

  1. PS, I like this post. In our house, we had an outlet in the basement that I thought was for a dryer, but it turned out to be for a range. Who would be cooking in the basement, in addition to the kitchen? It was nicely re-purposed as the circuit that now runs the Central Air unit.

  2. How about I just make a better effort to carry a real camera with me to showings…

    Brooks, maybe a previous owner had a basement apartment that had its own kitchen. Or maybe they wanted to make maple syrup, or something, without using the kitchen.

  3. Or, maybe it was just a tricked out meat grider, labeled in the box as “Range,” to deceive future owners from their ambitious meat grinding activities, that required a 50 amp breaker?

  4. Hilarious post…I was hoping to see other websites that were promoting meat grinders for sale and came upon your site.

    You would have thought that after installing the second hand commercial electrical box that the family would have updated it to correspond to the electrical locations of their home. What a funny story!

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