More Electrical Sightings

The other day we posted a picture of some old school fuses. Sticking with the electrical theme, here’s another situation we see periodically. Lights that you turn on and off by plugging in an extension cord. This isn’t the preferred way to control your permanent overhead lighting, and will be flagged by a home inspector every time.

A couple things jump out in this example…

First, each of the cords is clearly labeled – which is great. There’s one for the main level and basement, and another for the lights in the loft of this unfinished outbuilding. Everyone should take the time to label the the circuits in their electrical system to make working with them easier in the future.

The other interesting thing here is that the electrical system has been updated with a GFCI outlet like you see in bathrooms and outdoors. They couldn’t have taken a couple extra minutes to run proper wires and hook them up to two switches?

More Electrical Sightings

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